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Furniture Refinishing: A Dresser for Baby

With hubby having some vacation time off between Christmas and the New Year, we were able to get a start on our baby nursery. Hooray! The walls got a fresh coat of paint (white walls with one gray/neutral accent wall), and I was able to refinish the dresser/changing table I found at an antique/thrift store ($82, not bad). We also got everything cleaned out of the room so we could put down the new zebra stripe area rug I found on Amazon…love!

Here’s what I started with…


before3before1Here are the materials I used to refinish the dresser:
1. An electric, hand-held sander
2. Dark Walnut Wood Stain and Sealer (Varathane at Home Depot)
3. Polar Bear White Paint on the drawers
4. Foam roller to smoothly apply the paint
5. CLR (hubby cleaned the hardware to bring out that copper shine!)

And here’s what it looks like now…





Now it’s on to the next phase of nursery for baby! Stay tuned for more.


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Master Bedroom Makeover & Nightstands

The last two days I devoted some time to “sprucing” up our master bedroom, which was in need of some attention. I was so thrilled to get my work up on the walls of Linnaea’s for this Friday’s Art After Dark, that I rewarded myself with a bit of decorating time (one of my others loves!). As you can see, the little extra attention made a difference. It seemed important to me for our room to become more like a sanctuary, a comfortable and refreshing space.

Before I worked on putting our room together, I needed to figure out a solution for nightstands. Ours first ones were very mismatched and a bit too low. I wanted them to have drawers for some storage. And I loved the idea of similar but different. So I found two small dressers at TJ Maxx that were both made in india, with the same height and same amount of drawers. The finishes and hardware were very different. So I did what I normally resort do, I spray painted them…

before&after_nightstandAs you can see in the photo on the right, I also spray painted some matching black lamps we already had. I just used the same color as on the night stands and it really brought it all together.

dresser_before2Next I brought the finished nightstands and “new” lamps into the room and set to work.


Another “before” shot. I absolutely adore those windows and the view!


I wanted something soft with a lot of neutral colors. Those curtains are from World Market and we used them in our old house. I love that we can use them here now.


I found that fun little tray at Ross. It was a nice spot to put my “dust collectors”


We hope to mount this on the wall soon. It’s the directional sign I painted for our wedding to direct people to the parking lot!


You can see that David’s nightstand is a bit different from mine, but I love those pulls. Note: His nightstand doesn’t have any flowers, simply functional with an alarm clock


The book corner.


The bathroom. At least it’s clean now 🙂 Needle point hanging on the wall was done by our dear friend, Kate Hasson.


And here’s the finished product. Ahhh…much better.


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Furniture Refinishing Project

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the process of taking an old piece of furniture, or one that isn’t quite right but has potential and turning it in to something new…something YOU. Having just moved into a new house a couple weeks ago, we’ve been working hard when we have moments of free time to make it feel like home.

I had been looking for a piece of furniture to go in our main living area. You know, something that would be stylish and functional all at once with the perfect amount of storage for mail, papers that need sorting and stuff like that. I had such a hard time finding something that was the right size and shape for the right price. But then, there it was a Target, the perfect piece (minus the faux finish that I wasn’t a big fan of). I also felt this item needed to have some color and pizazz in order to stand out against the white walls, something modern and fun.

So here’s what I did:


I started with this cabinet ($150 at Target).

1. Removed all doors and drawers, as well as hardware and lightly sanded.
2. Applied several light coats of satin gray spray paint to cabinet, door and drawers.


Drop cloths always come in handy!


I wrapped a drop cloth around the base so as not to get spray paint on it.process3Rust-Oleum is fabulous and I only needed two cans for this, plus a clear protective coat.

3. Applied a couple thin layers of clear protective sealer within 30 minutes of applying color (can be found with the rest of the spray paint at Home Depot).

4. Added lovely hardware/pulls from World Market.


A little bit of silver and a little bit of color (World Market)

5. Applied some silver coated Contact Paper to the top of the cabinet for a little extra bling (Home Depot).


Just cut your contact paper to size, peel of the backing and stick into place.

All finished! And now those unsightly stacks of papers, mail and coupons have a place to live.


Perfect storage space


Isn’t she pretty?