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Weekly Art: Wallpaper Sunset & a Commission

Since my last post, Open Studios Art Tour happened. I can gladly say that it felt like a big success. And it was such a joy to talk with so many different folks about art, inspiration, creative processes and anything remotely related. Several originals found new homes (hooray!), and I’m working on a couple commissions. So I’ll share one of those here. But first, I wanted to show you last weeks piece, Wallpaper Sunset.

Here’s what I started out with…


And here’s how it ended up…


Detail of texture and the sun


Detail of tree and sky


Wallpaper Sunset – Acrylic and Mixed Media on Wood – 16 x 20 inches

Then I worked on a commission for someone who was really drawn to a painting that had already sold this weekend. Here’s the original version of Cranes on a Branch:

EPSON scanner image

Cranes on a Branch – 16 x 20 inches (Original Version)

And here’s the commission that I just finished working on today…

EPSON scanner image

Cranes on a Branch Version II – 16 x 20 inches

Grateful for these opportunities (and baby Asa really loved socializing with some of the folks who came through for Open Studios!)





8 thoughts on “Weekly Art: Wallpaper Sunset & a Commission

  1. Debbie Beals says:

    Holly: Loved the ‘what and how’ you shared with what you’ve been working on PLUS the commission piece you created and completed. All of them are beautiful and fascinating … and I continue to be in awe of your talent … and the creativity you have … and demonstrate! WOW! It is very evident you are not only gifted and talented but you work very hard on your creations … and you can ‘see’ what you create long before you finish the task … plus give yourself the flexibility to change and/or re-do your work as you move forward. GO HOLLY … and keep up the great and unique works! 😄 Love, mom 😊

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you, Mark! One of the first times I focused on the “negative” space between the branches more than the branches themselves. I was happy with the outcome.

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