Weekly Art

Weekly Art: Another World & Key to my Heart

Wow, it’s been forever since the last blog post. I guess I’ve just been focused on being a new mom to baby Asa and put a few things on hold. I’m loving the new role, what an incredible blessing. Asa is a really sweet little guy and it’s so much fun seeing him change before our very eyes. As each new phase comes and goes, I try to just appreciate the moment, knowing that it’s all so fleeting. But knowing, too, that those little moments, experiences and lessons build into a precious life.

All that being said, creativity is such a part of who I am. In my desire to be the best mom that I can be for Asa, I find myself feeling conflicted over when and how to squeeze time in for creativity. I’m trying to make some space for it without taking away from the time, care and attention I give to baby boy. But I also know it’s rather vital for me to have a creative outlet to help fuel energy and passion for my most important roles as wife and mother.

Here’s the challenge I’m giving myself: to work on art a little bit each week and share it here. Maybe on some weeks I’ll finish multiple pieces, while on other weeks I’ll be lucky to make progress on an existing piece. But it’s worth it and necessary to keep making art. I look forward to the process and sharing it with you.

Without further fuss, I’ll get this started by sharing two recent pieces. The smaller one I worked on during this past week and it got me through a particularly frustrating day related to our home renovation (I know, of all the silly things to get frustrated about, we’re very fortunate!).

IMG_4210_web copy

Key to my Heart – 6×8 inches – Mixed media on wood


And then there’s this piece from two weeks ago. I love the rusted metal rings…


Another World – 16×16 inches – Wood, metal, acrylics, embroidery floss on wood



Thanks for allowing me a space to share a bit of my “creativity” with you!



8 thoughts on “Weekly Art: Another World & Key to my Heart

  1. Debbie Beals says:

    Hi Precious Girl … and love what you’ve both said in your post and shown/done! Great job … on ALL fronts! 😃

    And yes, you will continue to find what works for you for with all the different ‘hats’ you now wear … and remember God didn’t give you such a wonderful creative ability for you NOT to use it … and yes, you will continue to use that wonderful artistic ability in all sorts of ways … even ways you never expect! ☺️

    Love you and looking forward to seeing you all soon … and yes, I’m continuing to pray for you all … AND for the ‘extra’ challenges you are all facing with the changes happening (so very slowly) in your home … and yes, remodel/changes add LOTS of stress to EVERYTHING in your lives … and ESPECIALLY this month with the ‘timing’ of things … or lack of helpful timing … of things! With hugs, too, mom/nani 😄

    And yes, it IS good that God is always in control … even when it seems otherwise!

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    • Oh…you are so DEAR. Your words here are so uplifting and what I needed to hear. Very grateful for you!! HUGS and looking forward to seeing you very soon.

  2. runnerbikerhiker says:

    Thanks for sharing, Holly, and congratulations on Asa! You are a mom – so incredible! Asa is one lucky boy. I love that you are continuing to do what you need to do in order to be the best mom – and of course that means your art. Hugs!

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