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From House to Home

What really makes a house a home? I think that mostly it’s the people that live in it, and the people you welcome in. I also think  it’s not necessarily having the most expensive furniture or perfect color schemes, but it’s the time, care and personal touches you add to it, as well as making everyone who walks through the front door feel like it’s their home too.

This weekend was fun and full of activity. My Mom is turning sixty very soon, so we decided to hold an early birthday celebration at our house. This is mom receiving her birthday cobbler (she’s only turning sixty, but the only birthday candles we had were the numbers “72”):


Realizing her candles said “72” not “60”


Isn’t she lovely?

It was great to have Mom and Dad over for a visit. I also had started working on the living room last week, mainly painting a set of bookshelves white and getting some photos ready to hang on the wall. So Dad was gracious enough to help Husband hang all the photos on our wall. I just love how the photo wall turned out!


Artwork by Uncle Mark, David and the Ladies, Art by Laurel Sherrie, Our wedding photo, Photos from New Zealand, Photos of our families at our wedding

So this is what the living room looked like before the “freshening”:


Living room before it got a facelift

I just wasn’t very excited about the dark bookcases, it made everything else feel dark to me. And I wanted the colors to be a bit softer. So I painted the bookcases (it felt like it took forever!):


Bookcases went from black to  Polar Bear White

We also made some repairs to the futon and I painted a white strip around the base of it to help it tie in with the shelves a bit better. I just love how it all came together. So welcoming, don’t you think?


After the facelift

This house has definitely become our home, and I’m looking forward to all the memories yet to be made and all the people yet to be welcomed through our door.


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6 thoughts on “From House to Home

  1. Debbie Beals says:

    Love the new look … and personal touches … and I like your ‘definition’ of what makes a house a home … and your home is lovely! 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your mom —and yes, she looks great! 🙂 Hugs, Debbie 🙂

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