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Blog Tour: Connecting With Other Creative Souls

Let me introduce you to Sue Donaldson, a gifted speaker and writer. She reached out to me when I was the new girl at church, in that very social, hospitable “Sue” fashion, and recently invited me to join a blog tour with her. I also happen to be reading Sue’s book right now, Come to My Table, an enjoyable read with a great message.

photo 1b

Come to My Table, by Sue Moore Donaldson

The idea of this tour is that creative souls from all around will answer the same set of questions, linking up to one another’s journeys. This allows you and I to get acquainted with some new creatives. I encourage you to drop by Sue’s blog and read her answers to the questions here.

Next, here are my answers …

1. What am I working on?
A series of small animal paintings on wood surfaces that incorporate patterns I’ve designed, gold leafing and painting with acrylics (top image). I’m having SO much fun focusing on simple but (hopefully) captivating color combinations, pattern and contrast. My theme for this year is “SIMPLIFY”. Life is complicated enough as it is. Creating simple art doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. But I’m aiming for uncomplicated, which may take more thought and planning at the beginning. The graphic designer in me really enjoys that, though.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I would consider myself a mixed-media artist because I don’t use just one medium on any given work. I’m incorporating pattern design cutouts, gold leafing, glue, and other materials along with acrylic paint. Perhaps the advantage I have when it comes to creating unique, original artwork is my graphic design background. I can design my own patterns on the computer and use them in my paintings. I also tend to approach art from a more design oriented approach, keeping in mind current color and interior design trends.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I’m a much more energetic, joyful person when I have consistent opportunities to “get into the zone” and create. My husband is very supportive of my passion for art and notices a difference in me on days when I get to paint. It’s my hope and desire to spread joy no matter what my circumstances are (a joy rooted in the deeper place of faith in the Divine Creator), but art and creativity is one of those special ways I’ve found to express myself, an avenue of expression in which I feel most ALIVE.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?
Generally I start out with a concept or idea and sketch it out, including some of the main colors and strategic pattern to be incorporated. If i’m ever feeling stuck or uninspired, I like to surf on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas and have found a number of art and design blogs I love to read up on. Once I have a concept and a sketch, I start painting! Adding patterns or gold leafing usually happens towards the end. If I’ve left some exposed wood in my painting, then I’ll apply some stain to make the wood grain stand out more. When I’m feeling satisfied with the results, I’ll add a coating of clear sealer.


I generally start out with a sketch, including color ideas

Now here’s where you get to start your tour!  Next Monday, July 7th,  a couple of creative, courageous women will continue your tour, answering the same questions.

Candace Clark is a Wedding and Portrait Photographer. She’s passionate about capturing the small and often overlooked things in life and making them beautiful. You can find her blogging at Fingerprints Updates!

I’ll give a shout out to the others participating later this week, so stay tuned.

Enjoy and thank you for joining me in this creative journey, it means a lot!



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