Get Out and Notice

Get Out and Notice

Welcome to, “Get Out and Notice”! Yet again, it’s been a while since the last “noticing” post, so it’s about time. I’ll share a few of the photos here, but there are more lovely ones housed at the Flickr group.

I started this challenge so that I would take more time to notice the beauty and little inspirations around me. Here’s a great picture by Allyson Francis, taken around April 16th. Allyson and I shared an apartment for a little while in college, she’s such a sweetheart, love you Allyson!

Here’s a fantastic close up by  LynAnne Wiest, and this isn’t her first featured photo on this post. Thanks for continually noticing beautiful things around you, LynAnne!

And here’s one that I took during our hike this weekend, I just love some of the plants that grow in our area…

Would you like to join? Take a photo anywhere you like to unwind. You can join by doing any one of the following:

  1. Post your photo on Instagram with the tag #getoutandnotice
  2. Post your photo directly to the Flickr group, no tags necessary.
  3. OR, Email me directly with your image and I’ll post it for you!

I’ll search through the tags, make sure they all have a home on the Flickr group and post some of the favorites here on the blog. And I’ll always link any images you submit back to your own social media sites. For more information or to grab a button, visit the original post about the challenge, here.

Happy Noticing!



3 thoughts on “Get Out and Notice

  1. welcomesue says:

    i love it – and will try to figure it out! hey – link this up tomo onmy link up party for Tasting and Seeing God is good – seems fitting! love, sue

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