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Kitchen Update; Goodbye Cupboards!

My husband and I are rather tall people. There was a row of cupboards in our kitchen that we were always ducking our heads for so as to avoid injury. They felt unnecessary with all the other kitchen storage space and made the kitchen feel more closed off from the rest of our house. So hubby and I decided to remove them. Hubby did all the work though ๐Ÿ™‚ I just took the pictures!


Here’s what we started with


As you can see, the three cupboards blocked the line of vision and communication between the main living space


A drop cloth on the counter was a good idea

I was so impressed with how David took the cupboards down fully intact and with such a clean break. Now we can us the cupboards in the garage, where we really need the storage.


Look at that! The cupboards can still be used


The ceiling, wall and side of the single cupboard need some painting…

Once the cupboard was removed (with a crowbar and lots of patience), it was time to do some painting.


There was also a nice little hole in the wall. David patched it up like new!


The end result? An open kitchen with plenty of light from the sliding doors.


Ahhh. You can see right into the kitchen (and out). Guess that means I’d better keep it clean.


Love the open feel.


Project complete. Great work, hubby!


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Update; Goodbye Cupboards!

  1. Mark Allman says:

    Very nice job David. You could use the space to hang a couple of plants or pots and pans or perhaps a place for wine glasses.

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