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Master Bedroom Makeover & Nightstands

The last two days I devoted some time to “sprucing” up our master bedroom, which was in need of some attention. I was so thrilled to get my work up on the walls of Linnaea’s for this Friday’s Art After Dark, that I rewarded myself with a bit of decorating time (one of my others loves!). As you can see, the little extra attention made a difference. It seemed important to me for our room to become more like a sanctuary, a comfortable and refreshing space.

Before I worked on putting our room together, I needed to figure out a solution for nightstands. Ours first ones were very mismatched and a bit too low. I wanted them to have drawers for some storage. And I loved the idea of similar but different. So I found two small dressers at TJ Maxx that were both made in india, with the same height and same amount of drawers. The finishes and hardware were very different. So I did what I normally resort do, I spray painted them…

before&after_nightstandAs you can see in the photo on the right, I also spray painted some matching black lamps we already had. I just used the same color as on the night stands and it really brought it all together.

dresser_before2Next I brought the finished nightstands and “new” lamps into the room and set to work.


Another “before” shot. I absolutely adore those windows and the view!


I wanted something soft with a lot of neutral colors. Those curtains are from World Market and we used them in our old house. I love that we can use them here now.


I found that fun little tray at Ross. It was a nice spot to put my “dust collectors”


We hope to mount this on the wall soon. It’s the directional sign I painted for our wedding to direct people to the parking lot!


You can see that David’s nightstand is a bit different from mine, but I love those pulls. Note: His nightstand doesn’t have any flowers, simply functional with an alarm clock


The book corner.


The bathroom. At least it’s clean now 🙂 Needle point hanging on the wall was done by our dear friend, Kate Hasson.


And here’s the finished product. Ahhh…much better.



10 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover & Nightstands

  1. debbie beals says:

    Love the comfortable, fun, and warm sanctuary you created — along with the creative touches to the night stands — and accents! With joy, Debbie 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    Looks great, Holly!! It’s nice to see your simple changes make a big difference…wish you could do my room. 🙂

    • Awe…thanks Sam! I think you could pull it off too. How do you feel about spray paint and the use of curtains where there isn’t any window? Go for it!!

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