Get Out and Notice

Get Out and Notice

Welcome to the weekly post, “Get Out and Notice”! I started this challenge so that I would take time each week to step away from work, taking time to notice the beauty and little inspirations around me. Here is a few moments from this week:


I live really close to this bridge now and have discovered that my favorite coffee shop (SallyLoo’s) is just a 5 minute jog away!

Would you like to join the challnege? Take a photo anywhere you like to unwind. You can join by doing any one of the following:

  1. Post your photo on Twitter with the tag #getoutandnotice
  2. Post your photo on Instagram with the tag #getoutandnotice
  3. Post your photo directly to the Flickr group, no tags necessary.
  4. Send me a photo directly:
  5. Tell others about the challenge!

I’ll search through the tags, make sure they all have a home on the Flickr group and post some of the favorites here on Thursdays and I’ll always link back to you! For more information or to grab a button, visit the original post about the challenge, here.

Happy Noticing!



3 thoughts on “Get Out and Notice

  1. This a great concept for a weekly post. I try to notice things around me all the time. I keep my camera handy on my truck seat. I will stop in a heartbeat if I see something interesting and it keeps everything fresh for me.

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