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February – Art After Dark

I was fortunate enough to hang my work at the studio of Drew Davis for February’s Art After Dark! We had a great time…friends, family, food and fabulous artwork, of course. I just wanted to share a few photos from the event. And thank you to those who came out for this, it was so great to see you!

2014-02-07 18.19.27

Inside the studio of Drew Davis & some pieces from his “heartfelt” series

2014-02-07 19.18.56

It was so great to see you, ladies!

2014-02-07 20.33.18-1

Hope you had some fun with your art assignment, Rachel, thanks for coming by!

2014-02-07 18.18.50

Don’t forget to check out Drew’s work, here.

2014-02-07 18.18.01

Fun sign out in front of the studio


2 thoughts on “February – Art After Dark

  1. Mark Allman says:

    It is fun to recognize some of those works of art of yours hanging up. I want you to post that picture of the bird flying… eagle? What I can see looks awesome. I like your hat. 🙂

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