Get Out and Notice

Get Out and Notice

Welcome to the weekly post, “Get Out and Notice”! This is where, as a community, we step away from the daily grind, taking time to notice the beauty and little inspirations around us. It can be outdoors, in a library, at a coffee shop, on a shopping trip or anywhere you unwind.

This weeks featured Image was taken by Rebekah Cornelius. You can find Rebekah tweeting here and Instagraming here.


“Glittery snow! Just a glimpse of God’s creative work on my lunch today.” – Rebekah Cornelius

Glittery snow, that’s something we don’t ever see here on the Central Coast, thank you for sharing, Rebekah! And here are a few that I added to the Flickr Group this week:


Part of the downtown SLO beautification project.


Window display at Urban Outfitters

Want to join the challenge? It’s easy to be a part. Here are four ways you can get involved:

  1. Post your photo on Twitter with the tag #getoutandnotice
  2. Post your photo on Instagram with the tag #getoutandnotice
  3. Post your photo directly to the Flickr group, no tags necessary.
  4. Tell others about the challenge!

I’ll search through the tags, make sure they all have a home on the Flickr group and post some of the favorites here on Thursdays. And I’ll always link any images you submit back to your own social media sites. For more information or to grab a button, visit the original post about the challenge, here.

Happy Noticing!



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