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Paper Cranes Triptych

Third time is a charm, right? Well, I think it was true in this instance, anyhow. The finished product you see above was achieved on the third try. What does that mean? That there are a lot of layers of paint, paper and “attempts under the final layer. But I kind of think that’s what really adds to the texture.

The idea of incorporating paper cranes came from our wedding motif. We had kind of an “Asia” theme going on. My uncle grew up in Japan is a missionary kid, and he learned how to make cranes so beautifully. So he made some for our wedding and I photographed a few of them for this painting/collage. Thank you, Uncle Dan.

Here is about about the process and elements used:


Initial sketching and ideas



I created this graphic on the computer using a variety of vintage wallpaper patterns


Photo of two cranes


6 thoughts on “Paper Cranes Triptych

  1. I think it looks great. I think you have made beauty out of something you felt broke and it looks awesome. I think that is a lesson for life too. You can make wonders out of blunders.

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