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Get Out and Notice

Whether you work in an office, at home in your comfy pants, with children, without children, in a classroom, etc., we all have a job to do. Sometimes those “I have to’s” and “must get finished” items can be daunting or just a little draining.

If you’ve shouted, “Amen!”,  here’s the challenge (I need it too!):

Step away from the computer, the laundry, that stack of papers or the task that’s been draining your wild creativity and get out. Maybe outside for a walk, perhaps your favorite coffee shop, do some shopping, breathe in some sea air, whatever rejuvenates you and gives you a chance to notice the beauty and little inspirations around you. Document it. No matter how small or “insignificant” your inspiration may seem, if it means something to you, you find beauty in it or it makes your soul sing, share it with us! Simply use the hashtag #getoutandnotice on Instagram.

You’re also invited to join the Flickr Group Get Out and Notice and add your photo directly there! No need to use tags.

I started to challenge today and here’s one of my “moments”:


Every so often, I’ll choose one (or three) of my favorites from the bunch and share them on my blog (linking back to you!). Don’t you worry, all of the fabulous images submitted will hang out in the Flickr group for everyone to enjoy when they need a little pick-me-up.

So, are you in?! You can participate at anytime, and I look forward to seeing what you GET OUT AND NOTICE. Let people know what you intend to do! Here’s something you can post on Twitter or Facebook to spread the word:

Everyone needs a moment to step away and notice the beauty + inspiration around us! Joinus #getoutandnotice

Invite others to join in too! The more images we have of our joyful and inspiring moments, the better. So grab a button below to put on your own blog or website.

To grab a button:
Right click on the button you want to use and then save it to your desktop. When adding it to your own website or blog, make sure you add this link to the buttons: 

200 x 200 px

150 X 150px

150 x 150 px

This is so that others who want to join in the fun will end up on this page to learn more. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #getoutandnotice on Instagram and here’s to noticing beauty in the little things around us!


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