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The Miracle is in the Making

Just before bringing in the new year (Happy New Year to you all!), I had a day and a half to really focus on a new painting. There have been a lot of distractions lately that have kept me from really getting in the zone. Between crafting and trying to sell our home (multiple showings throughout the week have kept me out of the house and away from the studio), I completely savored the time to pour myself into a new creation.

I pretty much worked on this painting throughout the whole day, part of the previous day, and into the night. But seeing it all come together was so magical. Pushing myself to really capture the scene, which was compiled from a few photos I took, memories and some creative license, the colors and composition came out exactly as I had hoped, which doesn’t often happen. What refreshment.

Fine Art Views is a daily newsletter I subscribe to and often has really great insight for artists and creative types. This morning’s article was particularly poignant and I loved what the author, Luann Udell had to say. See part of my painting below with a quote from Luann…


Quote for the year!

Her words really made be think about the main motivation behind my art. Of course it’s nice when I can make a bit of money from my work, gain some recognition, show my work in galleries or coffee shops and maybe learn some new marketing tricks for getting my work “out there”. Those are all great things, but if anyone of those things is used to fuel my work, I’ll burn out eventually.

Just being able to make something, that’s where the miracle lies. The spark and creativity that goes into making something beautiful is the same spark that keeps igniting in the process of MAKING. Standing back to look at what has been done can also be such a gratifying moment…”wow, I made that!” I believe that’s how God feels about nature and about us, “wow, look at what I’ve made, it is good!”

So, here’s kind of a visual process of what I made the other day:

photo 1b

Black and white photos I took of wine barrels and directional signs pointing to various vineyards

photo 3b

Tearing paper scraps to create foreground texture

photo 4b

Background finished, foreground in progress

photo 5b

Vineyards painted, foreground in progress


The whole thing, painted across three different wood panels

photo 3

Close-up of a wine barrel

What new perspective do you want to step into 2014 with? Feel free to leave a comment. And, don’t forget, here are the last two deals from Five Days of (lovely) Deals. I kind of lumped 4 and 5 into one day because we’re headed out of town tomorrow, I hope that’s OK with you.


So stop on by the shop if you’d like, sale ends January 12th. And yes, I’m using some of those “marketing tricks” I spoke of earlier, happy browsing 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Miracle is in the Making

  1. Debbie : ) says:

    Your latest work plus the photos of the process and progress are all terrific!! Love the ‘whole’ — and the ‘parts’! : ) And the quote from Luann Udell is a great encouragement and outlook, too! : ) Happy day … and happy creative process … and results! Hugs, Debbie : )

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