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Photography Day for New Paintings

So I’m really excited to do a series of new paintings based on local landmarks and places. Of course the landmarks will have my own spin on them, using mixed media methods, but that’s what will be so fun about the challenge. I want the make them recognizable, but with a fresh interpretation.

The weather was absolutely perfect for taking photos yesterday. There was a little bit of cloud cover, which made for beautiful lighting and shadows. The temperature was also really nice, so it was a great day to get out of the house and breath in some fresh air.

So here are just a few photos from my day out:


Pigeons as Pismo Pier


Sunset Drive-In


Morro Bay Rock


A playful sea lion


Boats at Morro Bay


Fremont Theater, downtown


Mission Bells


Another historic building, downtown


Wine barrell


A bicycle parked outside Old Edna

All in all, it was a very inspiring day! And these are just a few of the photos. I definitely have a great starting point for some new paintings!


3 thoughts on “Photography Day for New Paintings

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    The photos are great and I look forward to seeing the results of your creativity with mixed media! With hugs and smiles, too, mil 🙂

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