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Pieces from the Past 10 Days

2013-12-06 13.00.15

Some of the fun items that were available at the Stitch Market

I’ve been a little MIA when it comes to blogging lately. I got a bit wrapped up in doing two different shows/fairs back to back. First it was the Central Coast Craft Fair, then it was the Stitch Market.

The Stitch Market was a great time, my favorite part of the whole experience was probably meeting the other vendors, sharing stories, swapping advice, gaining encouragement and so much more. It can be a real help to learn from others who are on a similar creative path.

2013-12-05 18.51.43-1

My booth at the Stitch Market

While I was hanging out at my booth, Ashley brought me this wonderful menu board we ordered from The Sign Cafe, Isn’t it fantastic? I was so excited to bring it home and hang it up in our kitchen. It adds quite a bit of pizazz to the wall. If you want a menu board of your own, I know Ashley would love to make one for you!


The Menu Board made by The Sign Cafe, we love it!

David came down with that nasty cold that’s been going around during all the craft fair craziness, so immediately following the Stitch Market, guess who came down with it next? That’s right. David left for a week long business trip and I ate lots of chicken soup, drank plenty of orange juice and hot tea, slept and watched Christmas TV programing. I think I really needed the rest! I was very grateful for the recovery time. In the midst of my recovering, I was able to pull a few Christmas decorations together…

2013-12-10 17.42.12

Some Christmas Decorations at our house

And then I refinished our coffee table again. I had put some metal strips on it, which looked kind of cool, but they were getting a bit beat up with water ring stains and such. So I stained some old fence planks we had using a weathered gray stain and sealant in one…

2013-12-11 11.15.00

I refinished our coffee table using some old fence posts from our yard!

Lastly, yesterday I did a mini photoshoot with our friends, the Burgers. They were wanting some photos of baby Julia, who was born on November 1st, as well as some possible Christmas card photos. Here are just a few from the shoot:


How precious is that headband?




Baby and Daddy


Baby and Mommy

Aren’t they such a cute family? Well, it’s great to feel healthy again and I look forward to doing some new paintings in the upcoming months. We’re also still trying to sell our house, because we found a really great one to buy. So we’re hopeful and trying to remain positive! It’s definitely requiring some patience of us…and trust that everything will work out in the end.


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