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Thanksgiving Weekend

Last weekend was full of family visits, sweet times with friends, turkey eating, giving thanks and so much more! On Friday and Saturday, hubby and I had a booth set up at the Central Coast Craft fair. I was lucky enough to get some help from my Mom for part of the day on Saturday too, such a treat. It was a good experience and I bought some new treasures from our booth neighbors on either side. To our lift was Papa Joe’s, with delicious specialty foods. Joe and his wife were lovely people and we bought some very spicy olives from them to be used on pizza, yum! To our right, lots of jewelry making was happening, so I ended up with a leather bracelet that I adore!


Top: A strand of cards! Bottom left: The lovely couple who started Papa Joe’s.
Bottom right: Me and Mom


Coasters on a cake stand


Cards, coasters and wall hangings!

Last weekend was such a delight. And it reminded me that there is MUCH to be thankful for. Oh, and one more thing, December is the month for the annual “Hang it All” show at Linnaeas in downtown SLO! The show is promoting giving the gift of art for the holidays. All artwork is priced at $100 or less and will be sold right off the wall. I’ve added two of my own pieces to the show and there are tons of other great art pieces to check out!




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