Before you SLO county friends jump to conclusions, don’t be alarmed! We’re not moving far, we’re just moving to a new home (yet to be found), on a little less busy street with, perhaps, a tiny bit more space. But it’s true, our house is now on the market. Although my husband went through this whole home buying process about 11 years ago, this is all quite new to me. And the selling one home while finding a new home is new to both of us! It feels like a rather complicated dance and a game of timing. Not to mention that we’re both learning new lessons in patience and trust. Trust in God, first and foremost, that He will guide, provide and bring all the pieces beautifully together at just the right moment, and trust in one another.

The exciting parts of the journey: Dreaming, drawing floor plans and “knocking down” walls with a highlighter, re-imagining homes we walk through with our own stuff, getting that little message in the email box that says, “New Client Listing Now Available in Portal”…yes!

All of it is a process. And as much as we would love to arrive at the destination of being in our new home, we have a wonderful home to be in for the time being. This is a big decision that (Lord willing) we won’t have to make too often, if ever again. Yikes, no pressure! But I’m excited to see how this all unfolds and I’ll be sure to share pictures of the new home (maybe even renovation pictures if we find a good fixer-upper!).

photo 2

Information that our lovely agent put together for our home, the first scheduled showing is this morning!

photo 3b

And colored fliers for home shoppers to take.

Whatever “process” or “timing game” you might currently find yourself in, joy and peace to you in the journey 🙂


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. It never hurts to have a third party look at a home you are interested in to give you a non bias opinion. I think sometimes when we look at homes we tend to concentrate on all the things we like about it and overlook the things we don’t. Someone with building experience is good to look for potential long range concerns too.
    I hope it goes great for you.

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