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From the Vault – Seed Packet Project

My husband has been working hard to make our backyard look pretty…and we’ve added a little planter to grow some vegetables! We currently have pepper sand tomatoes growing. I love the IDEA of gardening and am starting to warm up to the fact that it takes some work. I want to learn how! Now, transitioning to the seed packet project…

It’s kind of fun looking at projects from the past and remembering the creative road that has taken me to current day. This seed packet design project was one of my favorites in school.

The assignment: Design a logo and create illustrations to be used in a seed package system.


Seed Package project – Package Design class at Chico State


This is what the design of the whole package looks like, flat

My favorite part of this assignment (of course) was experimenting with painting techniques for the illustration portion. In the end I went with a wet, vibrant, brushy, watercolor style on textured paper. I just love how the illustrations came out and the decision to place them in large scale, running off the side of the package. I won’t bore you with the whole process book of this project, but you can see the photo of the three final packages above. Fun, huh?

Hoping you have a wonderful Monday.



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