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Some Goodies from an Artsy Weekend

So I’ve been meaning to share some of the wonderful things my husband and I collected while viewing art during the second weekend of Open Studio Art Tour. We hit up several studios, some in SLO, Los Osos, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande. Here some treasures we gathered along the way:


From the studio of Drew Davis

Drew Davis was our first stop. I definitely recommend that you check out his work if you haven’t already! This guy is talented. And he has a wonderful studio space in downtown SLO. I now have a 2014 calendar from him, which is full of color and energy, along with several beautiful cards to send in the mail.


It’s always fun picking up business cards and colorful artist postcards!

Among some of the other studios visited:
Carolyn Braun
Christine Cortese
Pete Skarda
Laurel Sherrie
Rosanne Seitz
Bonestell Studios
Lorri Trogdon
Ken Christensen

All of these artists have some really beautiful work and it was lovely meeting them, as well as seeing their workspaces and learning a bit more about their techniques. We also bought this print from Laurel Sherrie:


A print from Laurel Sherrie, isn’t it beautiful?

We also bought this small cutting board/serving platter carved from wood, by Pete Skarda. It’s also makes the perfect snack or appetizer tray!


Wood cutting board by Pete Skarda, we love it!

All in all it was a great weekend. I’m already looking forward to seeing more open studios next year!




4 thoughts on “Some Goodies from an Artsy Weekend

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful and fun exerience with delightful opportunities to learn a bit more from and about other artists in the area. 🙂 Yea! 🙂

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