Winner of the Giveaway!

Oh my goodness you guys, this was a hard choice! I absolutely loved reading each one of your comments, it was quite difficult to choose a winner. But without stalling any further, I’m happy to announce the winner of this week’s card giveaway:

You will be receiving a set of four Sewing Machine thank you cards in the mail from me. And THANK YOU to everyone else who participated, you make what I do so much fun!

A little bit about Rebekah:
I met Rebekah in Cambodia during my time abroad of teaching English in China. I traveled to Cambodia over the winter break to visit another teacher friend, Mandy, who then introduced me to Rebekah. What a BIG HEART these women both have. It was so fun spending time with Rebekah and Mandy, seeing them love on the local women, experiencing a bit of their day-to-day, and learning about the incredible hardship the cambodians have walked through in very recent history. I also remember several conversations about hopes of the future…how were a bunch of single women teaching English on the other side of the world ever going to find love?? Well, Rebekah is getting married! And her sister is actually creating/sewing Rebekah’s wedding dress, so she wants to thank her. LOVE it. Rebekah, many congratulations to you and your very lucky man 🙂 If you send some picture of you and the finished gown at some point, I’d love to share them, if that’s OK?!


A photo I took while visiting Mandy and Rebekah

Thanks again, everyone!



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