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New Cards – Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday to all of you browsers out there! As promised, I’m doing a little giveaway, after having recently created some new cards for the shop. Some of these new cards were snatched up by art lovers at my recent Open Studio, which was a lot of fun! But don’t worry, I’ll keep making more. These cards are cut to fit A2 size envelopes and are blank on the inside, ready for you to personalize.

Here’s how this giveaway works:

Write a comment in the comments section of this blog post stating which of the following card images you connect with most and why. Which one would you most likely send to a friend or someone special?…


Adirondack Chair


Wine and Good Company


Good Read


Sewing Machine (Printed with words or without)


Birdhouse Bench


Night Owl  (Printed with words or without)


Fresh Cut Flowers

I’ll review all comments and choose a winner on Friday Morning, October 25th! The winner will receive a set of four cards (whichever one or two designs you mention in the comments section). So check back on Friday to see if you won and I’ll get your mailing address to send you your cards!

Thanks for participating. I also look forward to having these cards available (among other fun goodies) in my booth at the Central Coast Craft Fair on November 29th and 30th, for those of you who live in SLO County. 

Have a lovely day.



14 thoughts on “New Cards – Giveaway!

  1. Holly, I love your “Birdhouse Bench” because first of all—it was painted by one of my favorite people….but second—because it looks like something I would love to have in my little back yard!!! So….I would love to have second best and look at it on the card! Hugs, ~Judy

    • Judy, you’re such a wonderful blog commenter! It always brings me joy to hear from you 🙂 And I hope I get to see your little backyard sometime, I’m sure it’s perfect! Loveland is a great place to be. Hugs back to you!

  2. I love the first one with the chair – a fun atmosphere and a great card for friends, loved ones or for a “just because” card…the lights, color, sun rise/set lend to it a place you would want to go with someone special. My other favorite is the one with the owl…hooters do hold a special place in my life 🙂 Thought I would just get the giveaway started so others start commenting too!

  3. Stephanie Eckgren says:

    I love the “Owl love you always” card and the Fresh Cut Flowers card. I’d use the Owl card for family members and the flowers card for a quick note to a friend. Both are beautiful!

  4. The one I connect with would be the Good Read one. I love to read and always like to give books away of my favorites. I am usually reading 2 or 3 books at a time. I definitely feel the “so many books so little time”.

    The one I would give would be the Sewing Machine with the thanks. I like to send encouraging notes to people from time to time and I prefer to hand write them.

    • Mark, I wish I read as many books as you, I’m just a slow reader though! And no doubt you’ve encouraged many with your notes, that’s wonderful. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Rebekah Edilson says:

    Hi Holly!
    My sister has been working hard *making* my wedding dress for my wedding which is just around the corner… I would love to thank her with your gorgeous sewing machine card! I know she would love the old fashioned machine and the Tibetan inspired wallpaper!

    • Rebekah, this is so fabulous! I’m so excited for you! Getting married was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I have no doubt that it will be the same for you 🙂

  6. Debbie. :-) says:

    What a fun idea to have a ‘card’ drawing (and no, I’m not entering the drawing since I’m related) but I can tell you I like all the cards I see posted (great new ideas plus I like the words you add, too). And your cards are even brighter and cuter in person (since Omi brought four of them for me to see — and have!) Love them and I’m looking forward to writing notes to precious friends and family! 🙂
    PS Your cards make me smile and your larger art prints always make me ‘think’ — and look a bit deeper. Wonderful! 🙂

    • Your cards will be all ready for you when you come! And thank you for all your encouragement, what a delight you are. Hoping this week is going well and thinking of you guys as you work on some home repairs. I’m sure it’s keeping you busy, along with all the grandkids!

  7. welcomesue says:

    I love the sewing machine bc it’s red! and vintage – my mom has an old Singer. And i love the wine card because one my good friends LOVES wine and she’s had a rough couple years and so when we talk on the phone late at night, we each grab a glass and pretend we are in the same room (she lives in Davis.) She is a wonderful encouragement to me, and I would send her one if I win!! lovely work and congrats on getting in the darling shop!

    • Sue, I loved reading your comment! Even in just a brief comment, it’s clear you’re a writer 🙂 Thank you for using your words to uplift and I’m sure the friend that you speak of feels quite blessed to have YOU in her life!

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