Regroup and Recoup

Last weekends Open Studio felt like a success! My husband and I were very happy with the whole experience and loved having people in our home to view my art. I kind of think of it as David’s art too, because he does so much to support and encourage me in my pursuit of creativity. This week I sent out a newsletter to give a little overview of our Open Studio Tour.

Some highlights from this weekend’s tour:

  • 80+ art appreciators came through our home this weekend, what fun!
  • Many of you shared wonderful insights, techniques, stories and encouragements in our conversations together, thank you!
  • Many paintings were sold, so that means it’s time to get busy painting some more!

Since jumping into art with both feet back in January, it’s been a wild, exciting ride of exploration and creative challenges. It felt good to have about 24 paintings on the wall to show. Needless to say, after pouring myself into this first big showing, I’ve really appreciated a couple days to rest and regroup for the next round. I’ve also taken some time to CELEBRATE what felt like a success. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness and for this artistic passion you’ve placed within me! What a joy it’s been to share it with others.

This week I ordered some more supplies, including wooden panels to paint on. They’ll be arriving at the beginning of next week (hooray!), so it will be so good to get those paintbrushes wet again.

Something else I’m beginning to prepare for is the Central Coast Craft Fair, which will be happening at the Veteran’s Memorial Building on November 29th and 30th. I’ll have a booth for wall hangings, cards, coasters and fun stuff made with my art. I’ve never done a craft fair before, so I’m really looking forward to it!

Last week I mentioned that I’d be doing some giveaways for the cards I’m selling on Etsy. I’m currently waiting on more printer ink! So as soon as it arrives, I’ll be promoting the cards with some fun giveaways, hooray!

Hoping you’re finding time to REST and celebrate the good things this week. Happy Thursday!



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