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Sprucing Up for This Weekend

It’s finally here! This weekend we’ll be opening up our home for Open Studio Tours, 2013 and there has been plenty to do in preparation. It has also been fun receiving extra copies of the Tribune Article from friends and family, now I can finally add a proper “press page” to my website. So very grateful for that opportunity!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent hanging paintings, shopping for some last minute items, yard beautification projects, etc. I had some help from my Aunt (who has a great eye for interior/exterior design and aesthetics!). Here are some photos of a few things I worked on around the house this week:

2013-10-10 18.25.58

I love these grasses and planters, we were really needing a little “extra” in the front.

We picked out these grasses at The Farm Supply, off Tankfarm Rd. I think they’re beautiful and add a lot of texture. We also found these wonderful angular planters at Tuesday Morning for 90% off! The original colors were quite hideous, so I spray painted them with some Rust-Oleum Metallic Carbon Mist spray from Home Depot. Pretty sharp, huh?

2013-10-10 18.26.39

These plants are on either side of the front of the house now.

2013-10-10 18.26.25

Aunt Leslie picked out these beautiful flowers in mixed reds for the planter

2013-10-11 08.40.26

A sneak peek at some of the artsy set up inside

2013-10-11 08.49.06

There are about 22 of my original paintings on our walls now for the show, very colorful!

DIY – The Chair Planter

This is a little project I’ve been wanting to finish up for a while now. I had painted our little picnic table with some wood stain in Kona, from Home Depot. I wanted to fix up a tired chair as well and use it as a planter, so here it is:

2013-10-10 16.36.18

Before it got a coat of stain

2013-10-10 17.46.00

Stain and some chicken wire were added

2013-10-11 08.51.00

The finished product. We’ll see how those flowers do in their new habitat.

OK, that’s about all for today. I hope you’ll come by for Open Studio this weekend if you’re in or near the area!



4 thoughts on “Sprucing Up for This Weekend

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    Everything looks wonderful! Good Job — and no surprise at the beautiful accents and touches you’ve added. Hugs! 🙂

  2. That was a nice article about you and an awesome picture!! I hope it goes well. I live in Virginia so I do not think I will make it this year. I hope you will share more pictures of where the tour goes at your place. I hope it goes well.

    • Well I’m sorry you couldn’t join us all the way from Virginia, but I definitely understand! It went beautifully, I hope to have a few more pictures up soon. What a great time!

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