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In My Studio I’m…

Completing a few more mixed media paintings, inking up some linoleum blocks, tearing up plenty of colorful paper scraps, cutting out a few black and white images, gathering together my work from the past eight months…these are a few of the happenings in my studio right now.

With my very first open studio tour quickly approaching, I’m getting excited to open up our home to fellow art lovers, creative sojourners and appreciators of aesthetics, alike. Not only do I look forward to sharing techniques, uncovering methods, discussing materials, contemplating sources of inspiration, but I also look forward to taking everything in during the second weekend of the tour. There’s so much to gain and draw upon when you step out of your own studio and into someone else’s.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. In my studio I’m…

Completing. It’s beautiful to get to a place where you know in your gut that what you’ve been pouring yourself into is finally complete. But what’s even more beautiful is the process it takes to get there. I have one more wood panel prepped and ready to paint on to add to the collection.


Paint, paint, paint

Inking. What a joy it is to carve a block, slather it with ink and see the pattern emerge on paper. If you’d like to see how it’s done, I hope you’ll come by the studio to find out.


Inking it up

Tearing. Somewhere over the past few years I developed an obsession with tearing patterned paper and reconfiguring it into new collages. I love getting some glue and Mod Podge all over my hands to bring new groupings of pattern together.


Sketching it out and making a plan

Cutting. Black and white photos that I take are wonderful places to start a mixed media work. I first print my photo, cut it out, adhere it to my project, and add paint over the top to give it new personality.


Cutouts and patterns

Gathering. When I decided to really dive into this art thing with concentrated effort back in February, I had yet to really discover and fall in love with the methods and materials I’m using now. I set out to explore my creative voice and signed up to be a part of Open Studio Tour, knowing it would light a fire under me and put in place a goal to work towards. That’s exactly what happened. Now I have around twenty works to show, a small amount compared to some, but it’s fun to look back to where I started.


If you live in San Luis Obispo County, Open Studio Art Tour is something you won’t want to miss!
I’ll be showing the first weekend, but many studios will be open the following weekend as well.
Sat – Sun, October 12th and 13th, 10am-5pm
Studio #100
Corner of Johnson Ave and Tanglewood Dr in SLO (look for bright signs and balloons).


2 thoughts on “In My Studio I’m…

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    Wonderful and fun! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing some of the hard and detailed work that goes into your creative process resulting in your beautiful work that ‘speaks’ softly to the heart and is a visual banquet to the eyes. 🙂

    Hoping we can attend your Open Studio Art Tour! And I look forward to seeing your latest completed work, too! With joy and hugs, Debbie 😉

    • You’re so welcome, thanks for allowing me to share and for your interest! We would absolutely love to see you during the Open Studio, but would also completely understand if you’re busy celebrating a very special and important birthday 🙂

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