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Birdhouse Bench in Steps

My most recent creation started with the image of an adorable “birdhouse bench” that I snapped a photo of at a friend’s home (thank  you Vicky!). You can see the photo I incorporated above. Next, it was time to fill in the background and create the textured foreground:


I used a dry brush technique on the sky for added texture.

Then I added paint to the foreground with a repetitive technique of applying and removing color:


I later adde more gold/yellow to the foreground to separate it further from the background

This is the new linoleum block I carved to incorporate as well:


I really enjoy the simplicity and roughness of this one.

Then I added the pattern and photo to my painting:


I LOVE trees and try to include them anytime I can 🙂

And here’s the finished product:

birdhouse_bench_web copy

All finished.

And a close up:

birdhouse_bench_close_web copy

The pattern on the pillow is a pattern I designed and glued over the top of the photo.

Thanks for following the process! Have a wonderful Monday.



3 thoughts on “Birdhouse Bench in Steps

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    Delightful and fun! Also enjoy the added touch of color and design to the pillow on the cute birdhouse bench — along with the bench’s shadow underneath. And great job, too, on the new linoleum block print. 🙂
    Have a happy day! Love, Debbie. 🙂

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