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Some New Home Decor Items

Last weekend, I had the privilege of doing a little bit of shopping with my sister-in-law, Lisa. It was definitely a highlight for me, spending some time with Lisa and visiting some of her favorite stores. There was a period of time where I working really hard on decorating and really making our house feel like an inviting home. I want to keep doing this gradually now, here and there. Although I don’t want to get carried away with frivolous purchasing, I think there’s something wonderful about “building a home” over time with beautiful and meaningful things that make home a place of rest, refreshment, comfort, inspiration…and an invitation to just BE.

The first stop we made on our trip was HomeGoods. Oh my goodness, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! So many great things at affordable prices. It’s where I found these delightful owl bookends:


I hope to use these guys in some future artwork 🙂

And where I found this wonderful table:


I love the beautiful wood top and rusted metal frame.


The table even has a little rack to hold magazines, storage is always a plus.

And then there’s this very unique clock, which just made me smile:


How great is that metal handle on the top?!

Our next stop for home items was Kirklands. Lisa even had a $10 off coupon, which was great. Every little bit makes a difference, right?


I just love the colors around the border of this mirror.

All in all, I think it was a very successful trip. My sister-in-law has great taste, so it was very helpful having her opinions and thoughts.


Nice looking little group, huh?

Now I just need to figure out how best to arrange these in our home, but that will be the fun part! Wishing you successes in your next decorating/home building projects 🙂



2 thoughts on “Some New Home Decor Items

  1. Great items you got there. I like the table and clock especially. I followed you over here from Amy’s blog. I followed you on Etsy. I’m washed in red there. I read that book blink and enjoyed it.

    • Hello Mark, thanks for stopping by! And I’m following you on Etsy now too, thanks for checking our my shop 🙂 It’s always a work in progress. I really like the words that you share on your signs!

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