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From the Vault – Letterforms

Typography and letterforms have the potential to be so beautiful. Back when I was in college, I was just beginning to grasp the importance of GOOD typography and how essential that skill is to be successful as a graphic artist or designer. A project in our letterforms class that I will never forget is the one in which we created our own alphabet with hand drawn letters. We had to give a lot of focus and attention to the negative space surrounding the letters. We had several opportunities to experiment with several different styles and strokes as we created our letters. Here’s the alphabet I came up with after much experimentation:


My alphabet, created using a soft pencil

I absolutely love playing around with different line weights and strokes…paintbrush, pencil, whatever, there’s something so beautiful about varying line weights. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun using a soft pencil to create this brush like effect.


My alphabet, reversed out on black

We then took our pencil drawing and reversed it out so that the letters were white and you could really see the bold, black “negative” space.

That’s really it for today, happy Wednesday to you 🙂


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