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Adirondack Chair Painting – In Progress

Currently, I’m painting over an older painting that I didn’t much care for. Yes, I definitely do that sometimes. This new painting is inspired by the colors and feel of this image I saw on Pinterest (click to visit the original link):

I’m not quite done with it yet, I want to add a few lights in, like the ones from the photo. I also incorporated an image I took in a Lhasa (Tibet) alleyway:


Photo I took in an alleyway

I absolutely love the textures in this photo, and it made me think of a shabby garden shed or something. So, here are a few images of what I have in progress:

photo-41 copy

Before I put any color on the photos


Some close up texture


After adding color to the photos


The chair and a lovely wool scarf draped over it

As usual, this is a fun one 🙂 I hope to finish it up next week. Have a beautiful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Adirondack Chair Painting – In Progress

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    Love eeing your works in progress and this particular one makes me smile. I enjoyed seeing some of the steps you showed to create the variety of textures, colors, and style of your lateat work and look forward to seeing the finished project and I’m trying to ‘guess’ where you might add the lights, too. And your art works continue to teach me plus I find that each time I look at at one of your art works, I find something new I hadn’t seen before. 🙂 An example in this work is the circular ‘halos’ behind the chair and shed (to mention just two of the areas.) I hadn’t noticed the ‘halos’ before you added color to the shed and chair. Have fun with this work — and I look forward to seeing your art in person, too! 🙂 Hugs, joy, and love, Debbie. 😉

    • Thank you, thank you! We very much enjoyed spending some time with you this weekend, and thanks again for coming by to check out the art in person 🙂 It meant a lot to have you guys there!! And I’m glad you notice new things about the art every time, that’s what’s so fun about the “layering” of paper and other materials. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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