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Sewing Machine – Start to Finish

Yesterday I had a wonderfully focused day of painting. It was such a joy! I had been wanting to do a painting centered around a beautiful sewing machine I had taken a photo of in an alleyway of Lhasa (capitol of Tibet). The sewing machine was undoubtably someone’s livelihood, allowing them to sew garments for an income.  But the owner of it wasn’t around when I snapped the photo:


Sewing machine in an alleyway of Lhasa.

I also know that I wanted to place the sewing machine in a living room sort of setting with a ceiling lantern, so I did a Pinterest search of twinkle lights and lanterns:

Once I was feeling thoroughly inspired and ready to begin, I came up with this sketch and thought about color scheme:


Rough sketch and colors

I then primed the surface of my board, cut out the sewing machine photograph, painted in the background, and filled in the areas that I wanted to have texture (table & floor) with torn paper:


Beginning stages

Eventually (as seen at the beginning of this post) I arrived at the final product. This was a FUN one 🙂


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