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From the Vault: Graphic Vis.

OK. So I have tons of past work just sitting in my closet, old paintings, school projects, you name it. I thought it might be fun to take a walk down Memory Lane every once in a while to examine older work. Sometimes, we can get stuck in a rut and feel like we haven’t made any progress in whatever realm of life. Looking back can help us remember what the journey has been like and give us better perspective about how far we’ve come. Or it can help us practice gratitude in regards to the people and experiences that have helped shape us.

So, without carrying on too much, here’s today’s “From the Vault”, a look at some exercises we did in our Graphic Visualization class at Chico State. The image below is of an add I ripped out of a magazine. We were asked to use our markers to recreate ads once a week. It was a ton of work! I always spent way too much time on them, but it was also a lot of fun (definitely beats doing math equations). The exercise was teaching us how to create ad concepts, which are never that fancy, unless you work for a big ad agency 🙂


The actual ad I chose to use for my own marker rendering.


My rendering of the ad.


Another ad rendering. I remember the skin and teeth being so challenging!


And who doesn’t remember the Got Milk campaign? Fun stuff.

Although I don’t use these methods to create ad comps, they were definitely some good drawing and rendering practice that I’ll always be thankful I had. Thank you CDES 333!



2 thoughts on “From the Vault: Graphic Vis.

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! These are great renderings! We never did such renderings in my major – everything was very computer driven except for a basic art series required for my concentration. I missed out on art/design with markers.

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