Works in Progress

Works in Progress 8.22.13 – Fun With Color

I’ve been working on some paintings using photos I took at a beautiful Portland rose garden. My first attempt wasn’t something I was ultimately happy with, but I learned a few things about color and composition that I think helped me with these two. Apparently not every painting can be a winner the first time around, go figure 🙂 I had SO much fun working on these and definitely tried some new color combinations. Here are a few photos of the process/progress:


After adding some more paint and the background pattern


The completed 10x10in painting


Larger painting, different color scheme


Cose-up detail of roses


Both studies, side by side

Learning and growing…


3 thoughts on “Works in Progress 8.22.13 – Fun With Color

  1. Debbie. :-) says:

    Holly, keep up the good work with your creativity and taking on new and different challenges with your art! I appreciate seeing your works in progress and your willingness to share them. Thank you, talented and clever girl. Love, Debbie. 🙂

    PS I also enjoyed seeing you and David walking ‘through’ your painting. Made me smile! 🙂

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