Trust and Pixie Dust


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A wise and imaginative soul once penned these words, “All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Wouldn’t you say that a creative stroke of genius, anything really beautiful, authentic and unique is rooted in knowing oneself and being true to one’s natural bent? For Sir James Matthew Barrie, although he was a successful novelist and playwright throughout his career, Peter Pan was his best known work. What if he had stopped trusting in his ability to write great work after The Little White Bird, never to create the dearly cherished and widely known story of Peter Pan? Faith and trust. I guarantee you J.M. had enough of it to keep pursuing his passion for writing, long before the mischievous, yet inspiring, boy in green tights ever came to life on paper.

As I find myself grasping for my own little pocket full of pixie dust, a.k.a. the pursuit of turning my artistic passions into a business and sharing my art with the world, I’m realizing that TRUST is huge. As I continually turn this concept over and examine it with my hands and heart, there are some things that I trust to be true:

  • Life has meaning
  • A cup of coffee with cream in the morning is divine
  • Open communication is always better
  • God is good (even when the world isn’t)
  • Creating art makes me come alive
  • Sometimes sleeping in is the best cure
  • I’m surrounded by people who love and support me (so thankful!)
  • It’s the difficult stuff that we learn the most from

Tending to be a glass-half-full kind of person, I’m amazed at how much my perspective effects my success (and perception of success) in whatever I set my mind to do. I make art and create things because I must, I was wired to do so. And with that comes a deep desire to make my art known. If I’m continually seeking external validation, rather then serving others out of an authentic desire to share with them what makes me come alive, then I’ve completely missed the boat. To be perfectly honest, having the right perspective in this regard has proven difficult at times and I have to return to why I do what I do.

On the days when the external validation doesn’t come (most days), I go back to BELIEVING in my art and God-given ability, that it’s worth sharing, that it will uplift those who were meant to connect with it. It may take time, “failed” attempts and determination to effectively SPREAD THE ART LOVE. But having faith, trust and enthusiasm when it comes to my work will be contagious. If I don’t believe in it, no one will.

I loved to create mixed media paintings, visit http://www.hollybeals.com to see more

I love to create mixed media paintings. Visit http://www.hollybeals.com to see more.

My hope is that you might be encouraged by this as you try to create your own magic, write your music, teach your curriculum, raise up your children with love, or whatever it may be. May you trust your instincts and reach for that little bit of pixie dust with bravery 🙂

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