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The Gifts


With David’s Grandma at the home of my Father and Mother-in-Love.

Last week a passed through a rather hefty milestone. That’s right, I kissed my twenties goodbye and jumped in to the thirties! It’s taken me a while to process, but I’ve decided this new chapter is going to be FANTASTIC. Because my husband is so incredible, along with the other friends and family I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by, my thirtieth birthday was spread out into a lovely week-long event. David had some vacation time to use and took the week off of work…what a treat! We also got to spend some time with his family up in Salinas last weekend, which was a real delight as well. So I’m considering the time I was able to spend with David and family, to be among my favorite “gifts” that helped mark this milestone. But there are a few others I wanted to make note of…


Six paintings now have a place to chill out, with room for a few more!

As if taking the week of work wasn’t enough, my sweet husband came up with this fabulous idea for an art rack. I have a bunch of rather large paintings sitting around in the office/studio, waiting to be displayed in July at Grizzly Republic Wines! Anyhow, they needed a place to be stored while waiting for their debut. All it took was a little extra inspiration while walking through Ace Hardware for David to decide that he would construct it out of PVC pipe. So here it is, featured above, the one-of-a-kind art rack by David Beals.


New mountain bike, ready for some riding in the dirt or around town!

OK, and yes, I did get this great mountain bike…but here’s my favorite part about the purchasing-of-the-bike experience. I got to pick it out with my new mother and father-in-law 🙂 And they are SO much fun. I keep marveling at God’s sweetness and goodness because I married into, seriously, one of the greatest families! We had such a great time exploring Dick’s Sporting Goods together and I will never forget it! David’s Dad even helped him get the bike rack attached to the back of our car so we could take it safely home. I think I’ll always attach good memories with my new family members to this bike. So much fun!

What are you thankful for today? And why is it that those things, events or people hold so much significance? Don’t be shy, go ahead and take a moment to revel in the GOOD THINGS, however big or small 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Gifts

  1. I am so thankful for God’s Mercy and Grace in providing such an amazing son in law that is providing so much love and care for my daughter! I am such a blessed Dad to see his daughter so happy with a great extended family! Thank you David, you are the best! Dad

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