Lessons of a Creative #2 – Paint Everyday

This is a collage I'm working on right now. The text I'm incorporating is from an old blog entry.

This is a collage in progress. The text I’m incorporating is from an old blog entry.

I considered calling this entry “Networking With Other Creatives,” because I suppose that’s really at the root of this lesson. San Luis Obispo is a wonderful place to be an artist. Arts Obispo, the SLO County Arts Council puts on Art After Dark, which happens every first Friday of the month. Last Friday was no exception and we had such a great time checking out all the local displays downtown. What follows is an interaction I had with a delightfully creative individual…line


Sauntering in to Linnaea’s Cafe, one of my favorite places to sip coffee downtown, we wandered to the back half of the room where the paintings would be hanging. This month’s display was entitled “Best in Show”, featuring the work of Tracy Taylor. Many small watercolor paintings were scattered along both walls, all with a “Best in Show” ribbon attached, which contained information about the paintings. At first we thought she had just won a lot of awards, then we caught on to the playful theme…very clever.

“You should definitely take a look at those paintings, they’re really great and the artist is so nice too!” I turned around to see a woman chuckling with a little twinkle in her eye.

I started to laugh and replied with, “Oh, you must be the artist!” Indeed she was. She definitely got my attention and I knew right away that this was someone who didn’t take things too seriously. I really liked her.

In my conversation with Tracy, these are a few things she shared:

  1. Paint everyday. It may not always be feasible, I realize, but if I start doing some smaller paintings and increase my frequency, this will help me grow.
  2. Build up your personal collection. Tracy talked about how she has built up quite a collection of work from other artists who inspire her. She finds that when she invests in art, it also increases her network, leading to other jobs and opportunities.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun! I find myself in danger of this at times, trying to portray a specific image or live up to certain expectations. This was encouraging.

So, what do you know, I actually bought a little paintings from Tracy…what a sales woman! 🙂 It was a Birthday present to myself and I look forward to picking it up at the end of this month!



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