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She’s a Fighter


The pink ribbon has taken on a whole new significance.

She drops what she’s doing for the sake of a friend
and never thinks twice.
She’s quick to listen, slow to speak and isn’t easily angered.
Her fierce loyalty to those dear to her his evident in the little,
yet significant things she does.
She prays with conviction and worships with joy.
She knows how to work hard and play hard.
It takes a lot to keep her down.
She speaks highly of her husband and always seeks to uplift him.
He does the same for her.
She’s sharp as a tack but humble as a servant.
She works hard to take care of herself,
emotionally, spiritually and physically.
She’s young and strong, and that’s why it’s such a shock.

When she receives the prognosis,
all she can do is let the words sink in.
She eventually responds with questions and fears,
like anyone would.
After wrestling and grappling, she turns to God,
clinging to His strength.
She begins the arduous process of giving her energy to fighting cancer.
She learns that it will take a double mastectomy,
and four rounds of chemotherapy to be completely cancer free.
She appeals to insurance companies
and works hard to get them on her side.
She wonders to herself why it’s so difficult
to get what she needs from them.
She continues stepping through the hoops,
one thing after another.

She marvels at the support and love surrounding her on all sides.
But is it any wonder that so many are eager
to help this dear, loyal friend?
Her hair begins to fall out, but instead of letting the sadness overtake her,
she buys lots of adorable wigs and rocks them.
She wonders to herself what the point of all of this is
and wants to give up at times.
But she doesn’t. She keeps clinging and walking, praying and praising.

She enters every waiting room, office and surgery
with her husband by her side.
She goes into each new round of chemotherapy
more exhausted and weary.
The effects are cumulative.
She comes out of each new round of chemotherapy
pummeled by side-effects and discomforts.
But she keeps going.
She exercises four or five times a week, even though it gets harder
and her energy is diminished.
She wears a smile on her face,
but is more than willing to be transparent about the struggle.
She, along with her husband,
inspire countless individuals along the journey.

She, at last, arrives for the final reconstructive surgery
on May 22nd, 2013.
And she can tell you the whole story much better than I can.
Even though the worst of it is done, she will never be the same.
If she didn’t before, she knows now that she’s got a lot of fight and faith.

I love you, Adrienne, you’re such an inspiration to me.
Find out more about Adrienne’s fight against breast cancer, here.


4 thoughts on “She’s a Fighter

  1. Jacque says:

    I do not know you, but i know Adrienne. These words paint a picture of how i remember her from so many years ago. I am so glad she has you and so many others around here to love her and support her directly, while others offer prayers from far away. You both are an inspiration to all. Thank you.

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