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Back in the Day

Recently, David and I had the privilege of spending some time with my Grandparents. My Mom’s parents are  getting along in years and I’m realizing that every moment with them is a real gift. They shared with me that the BELOVED playhouse, a cute little yellow structure built by my Grandpa, would soon be laid to rest. Some of the wood on the outside is decomposing and it may be more of a hazard at this point. But Oh, the memories! I mean, really, check out this cute thing, you guys:

Where my cousins and I played together during visits to the Grandparents' home

Where my cousins and I played together during visits to the Grandparents’ home

Those drawers were once FULL of fabulous dress-up clothes. As you can see, there’s some fun art on the wall, too. That funny one two the left, featured two clowns dressed in purple was done by your’s truly 🙂 Then look at the Norman Rockwell poster in the middle! How cool is that? I took the liberty of searching for a few more Rockwell posters. Because who doesn’t LOVE to gain artistic inspiration from masters of the past?

By Norman Rockwell

By Norman Rockwell


Rosie the Riveter by Norman Rockwell


By Norman Rockwell

Rosie the Reveter

And here’s one more of the delightful little playhouse, which will forever remain in the hearts of  Alison Rose, Candace Clark, Brandon Woods, Megan WoodsJessica Lamz and our parents. Sorry if you’re a little creeped out by the doll, we were too…

Cute little curtains for a cute little house

Cute little curtains for a cute little house

Thank you for building the playhouse, Grandpa, for your children and grandchildren to enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Back in the Day

  1. LeAnne P says:

    That’s adorable! I, too, had a little playhouse providing hours of fun and imagination. What wonderful memories.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so sad!! Was the kitchen table still in there? You should have gotten a picture of the table! I feel like this needs to go on pinterest or something, it really is such a cool memory, and a wonderful little place :).

    • Yes! The little table is still in there, it looks just like it used too…only a little smaller than I remember 🙂 You’re right, I should have taken more photos!

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