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Digging our toes into the warm sand, we took in all the sounds of crashing waves, gleeful children and surf commentators over a loudspeaker. As we gazed out over the ocean, our attention turned to the Huntington Beach Pier, just to our right. Why in the heck were large Earth Movers driving on the Pier? We could see people crowding in on the two large trucks as they halted and faced North. From the loudspeakers came an announcement, “Four thousand rubber ducks will now be dropped into the ocean for this year’s Duck-A-Thon!”


Very curious. I never heard of such a thing. But sure enough, in just a few moments, thousands of little yellow duckies plummeted into the ocean, as eager “duck collectors” stood ready with their baskets on the shoreline. Apparently the first sixty ducks to reach shore won their owners a prize, all in an effort to raise funds for AltaMed’s Huntington Beach Community Clinic. You can find out more and see a video here. Such a site! And so much activity, what with the surf competition and all the mass of humanity roaming around. It was fun to be in the action for a bit.


ducks2It’s always an encouragement to see people having fun giving to a good cause and helping those in need. In a world where the trend is to put SELF first, it’s refreshing to see people pushing against the grain to reach outside of themselves. Here’s to little rubber duckies making a bright difference in life’s BIG ocean 🙂


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