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Wearing it In

There’s been a lot of “new” in the past year. For example, new zip code, new friends, new husband, new house…just to name a few. I’m loving all the new, but it’s also really wonderful to have some of the newness meld into a bit of familiarity. It’s kind of like with a new pair of running shoes. The first time you set out on a jog with those brand-spankin’-new (insert favorite shoe brand here), you just want to break them in a little. You know, so they aren’t SO stiff and SO bright. Heaven forbid people who see you jogging think to themselves, “wow, that person doesn’t run very often, their shoes are so clean.” Maybe it’s just me, but I think about stuff like that.

Anyhow, I’ve met some really tremendous people here who have made SLO feel like home. Here are a few pictures of some new and dear friends…


Feeling at home with some new friends

And here are some more new things that have been going on…


Cooking some new dishes (with the help of new pots and pans!)


Using a new name (thank you for our banner, Venissa!)


Made an old coffee table look new with some paint and metal


Having fun with new curtains and decor

Another fun aspect of all the change is the artwork I’m getting the time to invest in. You guys, I can’t tell you how much I absolutely love having a room to paint in! So here it is the NEW studio in our home and some current projects…

This is where I get to CREATE things!

This is where I get to CREATE things!

A very recent painting in progress

A very recent painting in progress

So, to wrap this thing all up, you can see that a lot has changed here. But change can be SUCH a good thing. Wearing new things in can feel a little strange for a little while. But before too long, you’re realizing that the shoes feel more comfortable and you’ve found a place to call HOME. Praise the Lord 🙂


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