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Quest For My “Ness”

ness_image1OK. To all you fellow-lovers-of-creativity, have you ever felt really STUCK? I mean, for example, you just don’t know who you are creatively? In trying to pursue your own style, you get hung up on other people’s styles, venture down many rabbit trails, research, experiment, make mistakes and hop down a few more rabbit trails? Well, that’s where I’ve been for the past several months, trying to find my holly-ness. I want to create stuff I love and when it’s hanging on the wall or featured on a greeting card, I want it to be OBVIOUSLY Holly.

In the midst of this search for who I am, creatively, I’ve been reminded several times that the Author of our Faith is also the author of our ness. The closer I grow to God, the closer I get to the person He designed me to be. Isn’t that so exciting?! I keep asking Him to help me in my creative journey and He’s shown me that, as long as I take the journey with Him, it’s a really enjoyable process, not meant to be frustrating. And it also takes TIME.

The image above and the three more that follow are sneak peeks into some of the techniques I’ve been experimenting with. As I continue down this road, I’m excited to share some more art with you! More to come soon. But, until then, may you find YOUR ness, the very essence of who you were created to be. And may the process be a JOYFUL one.



4 thoughts on “Quest For My “Ness”

  1. Amen! I’ve been searching for my Candace-ness for about 7 years now, and the journey still continues :). I think our ness will continue to be a journey until we receive our new name in Heaven, but it’s the journey itself that BECOMES or ness :).

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