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Krazy then Kauai

2013-04-18 22.58.01

I have to give credit to my (new!) husband on this photo. He took it during our ten-day getaway in Hawaii, on the northern part of Kauai. We decided we wanted a honeymoon part II, because two is better than one, right? And because David went right into a very busy season at work right after our first one. We didn’t get to see much of each other for two months. So the beautiful rest was very welcomed after wedding planning, wedding celebrating, moving (my stuff!), many night shifts, house decorating (the “Holly ” touch) and more. We are SO grateful we had this time to relax and spend time with one another. Here were a few highlights from the trip:

  1. Eight-mile hike, roundtrip, to a beautiful waterfall
  2. Renting bikes, riding along the water and making it back just before a huge downpour
  3. Many delicious dinners out
  4. Meeting up with the Burns (David got a little surf lesson!)
  5. Enjoying some beautiful sunsets
  6. Beach, beach and more beach!
  7. Reading books, Sudoku and hint of lime tortilla chips with hummus 🙂

2013-04-18 22.51.30




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