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This Months Top 4

Confession. In an attempt to really focus on getting business going and adjust to a new community, I’ve found myself a little disconnected from everything else. I’ve heard from various creative individuals that, when it comes to working for yourself, you just have to ride out the waves of inspiration when they come. So, to my dear friends that I haven’t called lately, I guess I’ve been out riding waves. It’s been a challenging and exciting adventure so far, and progress in all areas of life has felt a little slow. Patience is as vital as ever. However, I’ve been working at rejoicing in the small steps and everyday victories while adjusting to a lot of life changes.

So what does this (nearly) all consuming creative wave look like so far? Here are a few things spinning this month…


Don’t you just get excited about COLOR?!

Congratulations. You successfully printed on your first piece of paper.

Getting my new Epson Stylus Photo printer set up felt like a minor victory, for sure. I was careful to follow the step-by-step instructions and have been very pleased with the results. I’ve been printing stuff like crazy and testing out all kinds of papers. Getting the best print quality is definitely a science, one I’m trying to learn a little about.


Keep your eye out for, launching next week!

Is your portfolio of work in need of some updating? Well I can completely relate! Once I decided it was time for a new website, the scramble to gather updated work (and create some new stuff!) began. Pulling things together has been fun and I’ve loved working with Blu has definitely made the process of creating a portfolio site doable and enjoyable. Keep your eye out for the launch of next week!


These cards began with pencils and brown paper.

One of the completed card designs. These cards include Tibetan inspirational words.

Isn’t this bird adorable? It belongs to my aunt. I’m using the twine for card packaging.

I’m affectionately calling this new set of greeting cards Brown Paper Greetings, by ChoobaRue Design. It’s been a long held dream of mine to create and sell cards. I’m thinking of Mr. Deeds (Adam Sandler) right now and his passion for greeting card writing. Laughing. Anyone with me? Veronica and Adrienne, remember how we tried to start our own card company? Never mind the fact that we didn’t get very far. But it was FUN.


It’s true. I tried to stay away for a while, but decided it was finally time to gain some additional inspiration. So I hope we can connect on Pinterest if you’re in to that kind of thing. Yay for hours of pinning fun and fabulous eye candy.


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