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Inspiration & New Tricks

My first linoleum block.

This week I’ve been experimenting with linoleum block printing. I don’t think I realized how dangerous it can be to use linoleum cutters. Let’s just say I added 5 new bandaids to my left hand in one day. Hopefully this trend will fade as I perfect my techniques.

Block printing is quite fun, I’ve decided. You just need a block soft of linoleum, a few cutters, ink, a brayer for spreading the ink, and some type of pan to roll the ink out onto your brayer.

Bandaids may be necessary, especially the first time around.

Example of print, which will be used in future paintings.

In other news, I decided it was time for an inspiration board. It always helps to have some beautiful things to look at that help getting the creative juices flowing…

Inspiration pin board.


Inspiration, close-up.

My you find your inspiration today!


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