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Starting Again

A new space in which to paint and create.

Life in the United States is starting over again. Not just a new crack at life as I once knew it, but a complete overhaul. After living in Tibet for a year, I’m coming back to the country I once knew as someone different. Furthermore, the situation I’m returning to is nothing like the life I left a year and a half ago. Place of residence: California’s central coast, as opposed to Northern Colorado. Mode of transportation: A 2002 Mercury Sable (so grateful it’s paid off!), not a Toyota Rav 4. Relationship status: In a relationship (thank you for your sweet surprises, Lord!), no longer flying solo. Occupation: Self-employed…seriously?! Yes. I’m venturing out and starting my own creative business. The beauty, mystery and challenge of my experiences abroad were just what I needed for the guts and inspiration to get going. I praise God that I was given the chance to teach English to college students in a very unique place, situated on top of the world (Lhasa). Now I’m praising Him for the opportunity to continue TRUSTING. This business thing feels way over my head. But I believe that’s exactly where He wants me.

Above is a picture of my new workspace! It’s true. I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful office and studio to work out of for the time being, thanks to my Aunt and Uncle (excellent promoters of creativity). Here are a few more photos…

Here’s my desk.

Art supplies.

For a while I got to share with others what it was like to live as a school teacher at an average elevation of 12,000 feet, interacting with beautiful and different cultures. Now I get to share with you this new journey…navigating my own creative business and making new artistic discoveries. I hope you join me!

Here is my project for today. I learned how to make my own pattern with this helpful tutorial

Eastern Moon

This pattern was created using elements inspired by Tibetan architectural patterns and hand painted designs. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more work from ChoobaRue Design 🙂 Jumping into new artistic and design endeavors is incredibly thrilling to me and my heart is so thankful to be exploring these new frontiers. Thank you, Creator, for captivating me with your beauty and the uniqueness of Tibet so that I can share it with others.


4 thoughts on “Starting Again

  1. LeAnne Parham says:

    Best of luck! Your pattern is beautiful. I love the purples, green and, what is that – teal? They work really well together. I look forward to more photos!

    • choobarue says:

      Thank you, LeAnne! I’m glad to hear you like the pattern, it was fun to work on 🙂 I look forward to sharing more and will be keeping track of all your great photos on Facebook!

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