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Dreamin’ BIG

It’s time. Well, almost. Time to start the creative business that I’ve always dreamed of starting but never quite crystallized…until now. Time to put feet on these ideas that have been percolating for years. Time to cast aside some fears. And, somehow, I believe it helps to verbalize these things. To have some accountability amongst the community that has had my back. THANK YOU.

Unleashing the inspiration can’t happen just yet. It feels like all this creative energy is pent up inside and I just want to GO for it! However, I’m still an English teacher in a far off land. I must (and will!) finish my job well. THIS is the work I’m called to at the moment. And what a JOY it is, so rich. May I surrender all future plans to the Maker. None of my plans will succeed if the One who made me isn’t placed at the very center of them.

Never before have I felt like I’m standing in the midst of the perfect storm, like I’m on the cusp of a swelling passion, combined with giftings, experiences and resources. Long ago a dream was hatched to start a creative business focused on making great art. Hopeful, inspiring art and design, combined with a cause. However, there was always something missing, clear vision and direction. Not to mention the right timing.

Somehow, this past year spent in a beautiful, interesting, unique and challenging place has the potential to provide these missing links. Now I truly believe, by His grace, that I have a unique flavor to offer as a creative. This art that’s hulled up inside me is deeply colored by the experiences of this past year and I can’t WAIT to share it with you! I’m inclined to believe that this art will be different from anything I’ve done before and that’s why I’m so excited about it.

Fear. I don’t want it to hold me back. I want to step FULLY, with faith, into the things placed upon my heart. Precious Father, would you go before me? These are the things I lay down and cast off as I step into various unknowns up ahead:

Fear of failure

Crippling insecurities

A spirit of comparison


Independence (may I depend in Him)

Unrealistic expectations


A need to meet everyone’s expectations



Small views of His strength

Small views of what’s TRULY possible

Fear of messing up

Fear of “falling” (from grace, on my face, in love)

My will, my plans

As I lay these down, I’m moving forward with what’s been placed in the spaces of my soul, unless the sovereign hands should happen to alter those spaces and redirect. What are you feeling led to step into more fully? My hope is that you can do it in FAITH and without reserve. No looking back or giving up. Just jumping in with BOTH feet…


10 thoughts on “Dreamin’ BIG

  1. Leslie Woods says:

    You are so real,honest and inspiring
    Dear One!
    Dream big Holly Girl, keep dreaming big.
    My petitions are with you for you return
    and new adventures that are awaiting
    You here in the US of A. I believe in His
    power for your best as well as your
    creative, kind, wise, self disoplined,
    thoughtful, obedient self as you go for your
    Love you!
    Aunt Leslie

    • chubarue says:

      Aunt Leslie, what a fantastic cheer leader you are! Not to mention an incredible role model…SO thankful for you and excited for adventures to come!!

  2. Sophie says:

    Hey Holly, I’m so glad that you are taking a big courage to jump into your dream!!! I’m about in the same stage of life, and so encouraged to see how much courage, will and, most of all, faith you have in His plans for you~! I should have the same faith and attitude. =)

    • chubarue says:

      Wow, Sophie, what a treat to hear from you! And if you ever need someone to share your big ideas with, I would love to listen 🙂 I’m glad you have some exciting things up ahead, walk COURAGEOUSLY with the Father, my friend!

  3. Jon Voget says:

    We are always behind you Holly! To the completion of the year, safe travels and exciting new adventures on your return. You are in His hands! Love you always! Mom and Dad

    • chubarue says:

      And it’s because you’re always behind me that I am where I am!! THANK YOU. Truly, I love you both so very much. We ARE in His hands, praise Him for that!

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