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Hello heart, it’s morning.

Rugged splendor. Glorious peaks. Towering in front of my face. A few wisps of cloud saunter around the top. I’m looking to the east and it’s around nine-twenty in the morning. Rays of sun are starting to seep out from behind the small cloud filter.

Who am I, that I should witness such a display? That you would give me eyes to see the wonders you’ve fashioned and set them before me is nothing short of a miraculous act of LOVE.

Quiet. The peacefulness that surrounds these peaks is serene. A steady flow of wind through the trees and a distant cow bell blend with the rest of nature’s soothing sounds.

Inside, within the walls of my heart and mind, I feel this quiet welcoming itself in. All the questioning, confusion and fears that I’ve struggled to keep at bay for the past few months are stilled.

As I behold the visual representation of power, might and beauty, I know that He can do ALL THINGS. Taking the imperfect and broken pieces of my life, using them to express goodness…even this is within His ability. For this I sing with JOY.


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