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Beautiful Truth

Gratitude, joy and peace.
Three small words. However, the sweetness and power they represent is immense. Three small words aptly describe the condition of my heart when I think about how fortunate I am. Not because of anything I’ve done, but just because of something I received. The creator of the world held out the incredible gift of life when He stepped into humanity’s skin. He held it out for everyone.

Who am I? Just another oxygen-breathing individual in the vast sea of civilization. Yet, I’ve been given life. Life forever. And all I had to do was accept the offer. Is there some kind of catch? There should be. But there isn’t.

A knowledge of this offer, an appreciation for it, belief in the saving power of the One who offers it…how did I arrive at this place? Only by grace. And I currently live amongst many people who haven’t yet realized this splendid place of grace. Not because they can’t. They absolutely can. I hope with everything in me that those who desire it, find it. Gratitude, joy and peace in the truest and richest sense. That’s what I long for on behalf of these precious souls.

A baby was born in a manger and kings felt compelled to travel from far away lands to bring him gifts. No doubt they were tremendous and wonderful gifts. But thirty-three years later, the little baby would blow the gifts of kings out of the water with his gift of life, offered to all humankind.

Beautiful truth. And it’s the reason for my gratitude, joy and peace.


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