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Bang Your Pot for the Lunar Eclipse

Yes, that’s right. I said pot…like as in “kitchen pots.” Who knew the two went together? Well, on Saturday, December 10th, a fantastic lunar eclipse was visible in the Lhasa sky. Incredible how our Earth just snuck right in there between the sun and moon, casting its dark shadow. The result was a beautiful purple and bronze glow.

So what do kitchen pots have to do with  it? Word on the street was that the Tibetans were fearful of the “dog of heaven” swallowing up the precious moon. They believed (quite heartily), that loud noises would scare the dog away and save the moon from being swallowed. I know, right?

So as myself and a few fellow foreigners stood staring up at the natural phenomenon, a cacophony of sounds surrounded us and crescendoed as the moon became a sliver. A full eclipse occurred, despite all the ruckus and barking dogs. However, just as quickly as the moonlight disappeared, the darkness started to recede and reveal the moon’s splendor once again, followed by loud cheers. Truly surreal.


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