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Perspective, check.

Spend time with family, check. Acquire all necessary travel items, check. Clean and sell car, check and double-check. Things were coming together for my March departure date. Longing to meet the students and join my team of teachers was increasing. Needless to say, when I heard that my plane ticket was canceled and travel delayed for at least an additional month, my heart sunk into my feet, stuck there for a moment in time.

What? Wait a minute. This isn’t what I had planned. My friends continue on with life in Colorado and I’m here in Orange County with no job and no car. Will I ever actually be in Tibet? With this second delay, it’s starting to feel more like a far-off illusion. Father, what am I supposed to do with myself right now?

I can be a little dramatic once in a while. Who in their right mind complains about a month of not having to work in lovely Southern California?  But these were my initial, reactionary thoughts. As I let the news simmer for the next few days, a gentle voice played on a tape reel in my mind…

Know me. Spend time with me. Think on me. I exist, even in the details. Do you think I’m surprised by this turn of events? Do you think this is beyond my control? Fight it or accept it. See this as a disruption of your plans or as a smooth continuation of mine. Focus on the frustration or focus on the new opportunities open before you.

Reflecting on the dreams and hopes I shelved for this 2 year commitment in Asia, I remembered that this isn’t the first time my own plans have been “disrupted”. Thank goodness. Have I not yet learned that the man upstairs has something way better? These past few months have been so rich and sweet. They never would have happened if I hadn’t said “yes” to His plan.

Perspective is everything. It’s what makes your glass half full. It’s how you know the sun setting on one dream is really just a starlit night, awaiting the dawn of new dreams fulfilled. Maybe mine needed a check. Maybe I’ll wait out the night and enjoy the stars in the meantime.


4 thoughts on “Perspective, check.

  1. Aunt Leslie says:

    Hi Holly Girl,

    I love you, how you think and who you have become. Your Father has taught you at a young age to look at the glass half full and that shows His wisdom and His faithful love in your life.

    We all have periods of life where we look UP at the stars more than others. You will look back on this time of many things learned.

    Keep looking up!

    Aunt L

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