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Pop Your Collar

You know those purchases you make, the unexpected, rare finds that turn out to be completely worthy investments?

Last week I found myself at the Bend Oregon Outlets with a few good college friends. My prized purchase for the afternoon? A brown Pearl Izumi jacket. One made from light-weight materials that provide good insulation and protection from the elements. At least that’s what I was convinced of, I’m an easy sell. And there’s no sales tax in Oregon, major plus.

Since then, I’ve worn my jacket several times. And guess what? It really does protect from the elements! I have a feeling it will be going everywhere with me as I travel through Asia, providing comfort, warmth and protection from whatever may be brewing in the atmosphere.

Some folks choose their outerwear purely based on aesthetics. They wear what society tells them is “in” without regard to functionality. A maroon pleather jacket with the collar popped may be super fly for an evening on Newport Beach Pier. But is that the kind of jacket you want while atop the Tibet Himalayas in the dead of winter?

As I think about leaving on this trek to an unknown land, I’ve carefully considered what I need to be “putting on” in preparation. I could put on the pleather material the world offers, material made of shallow ideologies, selfish ambition and self-sufficiency. It’s a type of material that doesn’t keep you warm, but rather leaves you feeling empty and alone, especially when the going gets tough.

However, I could put on the insulated material, the tested and true, genuine stuff. The stuff that provides warmth and protection no matter where you go on this earth. Like “putting on” the Father. In his glorious covering, he has promised to never leave us or forsake us. He has the power to protect us from disillusionment, discouragement or confusion (all possible bi-products of spending any length of time  in a foreign country).

So then, my Pearl Izumi jacket and I…we have a journey up ahead.


12 thoughts on “Pop Your Collar

  1. Chex DeFoort says:

    Very true – very encouraging Holly! Now I can justify my purchasing of perfectly performing Patagonia gear and use it as a reminder to spiritually put on the authentic stuff – the Father’s word and truth!

  2. Jana says:

    I see the Father working in you in such a mighty way! I love how you are able to relate the everyday with deeper workings within! This is such a great gift and how well you will be able to use it in Tibet! You are amazing!
    We think of you very often and are excited to hear more!
    Love ya!

    • holly says:

      Oh, thank you so much Jana! I think of you and your sweet family often as well. I really look forward to hearing more about your experiences, no doubt you will be very bright lights:-)

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